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The WMF Annual meeting was on October 12th. We had our election of officers—a unanimous ballot was cast for Jen Vold and Elrene Clauson for co-presidents, Brenda Boyum for treasurer, and Ann Houglum for secretary. We discussed preparing communion. Right now, each circle has 2 months at a time, rotating through the three circles. We decided to try a different method of determining who is going to be responsible for preparing and cleaning up communion. Brenda will post a list for those who wish to sign up. Circles and individuals can sign up for a month or several months. The list will be posted on the bulletin board by the front door. Also, Brenda has purchased some small grape juice bottles and placed in the kitchen refrigerator to use for communion. They don’t expire until October of 2019. Please feel free to use them when setting up communion.


The allocations suggested by the officers was approved. We also discussed that trying to find the peach pie filling for Judy’s salad that is used often for funeral lunches is difficult to find.  Brenda has found some and placed 6 cans in the kitchen for use by those wanting to make that salad for funerals. Once again, we will have one article from the WMF for the Hauge Annual Report. A short program was given by Dorcas, followed by lunch.


At the meeting, we also discussed having the December WMF meeting on December 4th at 7 p.m. We will have a short program by the Christmas committee and some decadent desserts. Please come and join us for an enjoyable hour or so. It doesn’t matter if you are active in your circle or not; or if you have never been to a WMF meeting before. We would love to have you come. If you want a ride or help to get to church in the evening, please let Jen or Elrene know and we will help you get to the meeting. This meeting has traditionally been held on the second Saturday of December at 9:30 for brunch, but this is a hard time for a lot of women to get away from family responsibilities for the morning. We are trying a different day and time to see if we can get more people to come. Please put December 4th at 7 p.m. on your calendar. We hope to see you there!


Our WMF Fall District Meeting was October 14th in Jewell, Iowa. It was a wonderful morning of fellowship with other women of our district.


Rachel has communion in November. Please continue to keep an eye out for those setting up communion and ask if they would like help getting the trays up and down the stairs.

We are back to 10:45 a.m. service time. Please sign up for helping to serve coffee and a snack sometime. The sign-up sheet is by the front door.


Coming events: 


* Advent.


If at any time you wish to contact us with questions, comments, etc., please feel free to call Elrene at 507-951-7222 or email at clauson2000@yahoo.com, or Jen at home or email at cjvold@frontiernet.net.

Jen and Elrene, Co-Presidents




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